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Monteiro & Sons stands as a cornerstone in the local landscape industry — a cherished, family-owned hardscape and landscape company with a rich history spanning over two decades. What began as a humble endeavor by a father and his two sons has evolved into a thriving enterprise, proudly serving Middlesex and surrounding counties for over ten years. Fully equipped, insured, and staffed, our team is poised to bring outdoor dreams to life. At Monteiro & Sons, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence, driven by our dedicated employees and dependable owners who work hand in hanc with clients to turn their visions into stunning realities.

What our customers say

Higor Bueno
Impeccable service, quality and responsiveness. We couldn't be more pleased. The crew worked hard, and finished the job on time. Excellent to work with and the pricing was fair. Highly recommend!!
Solange Carvalho
I hired the company to cut some fallen trees in my yard. The next day after calling they came and got the job done in a few hours. I was impressed that when I got home the trees were gone and the yard was clean. They did an excellent job and I highly recommend.
Jennifer Harmon
We worked with Monteiro and Sons for our patio and yard grading project and had an excellent experience. We mostly interacted with Doug, who was very patient during the material selection process- he took us to multiple retailers to ensure we saw enough options to make a decision. When it came time for work to begin, we were given a clear timeline and explanation of the process. The crew was extremely hard working and made major progress each day, even during a crazy heatwave. They always cleaned up after themselves, including neatly coiling up hoses. We are very happy with the final results- our patio looks great and is clearly of high quality. Our back yard (formerly a small patch of woods) received a few inches of fresh loam and was carefully graded toward an existing drainage system. They even offered to touch up the loam after our fence is installed to ensure it’s still suitable for hydro seeding. Also of note, we felt their prices were very reasonable for the caliber of work. We would definitely use Monteiro and Sons again and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great landscaper.
David Aronson
In the past year, Monteiro & Sons Landscaping has built a large patio, porch, stairs, and walkway for our primary home. The most recent project involves widening our front porch by two feet, installing granite tiles, installing solid granite stairs, and building a new walkway with pavers. They guided us through the selection of materials, design, and implementation. Their work has improved the exterior of our home immensely and we are thrilled with the results. We wholeheartedly recommend them for your home projects.
Nicole Amato
Hands down, Monteiro and Sons is the best and most reliable service we have every used in our many years of home ownership. We have used Eddie and his team for several years for lawn mowing, spring/fall cleanup, mulching, hardscaping etc. and have always been very happy with the work they do and the customer service they provide (thank you Clayton!). Although, they have always done top-notch work with our landscaping needs, which have been relatively minimal, the value of this company shown through when we needed them most recently. A couple years ago, we put in a small fiberglass pool and large patio in our backyard in Sherborn. Sadly, we hired the wrong company and were completely dissatisfied with the work that was put forth by a different masonry contractor. This past spring when we realized that the patio was performing very poorly (poor drainage, giant puddles that didn't go away after it rained etc) and that the pool coping was deteriorating, we reached out to Eddie and he assured us that he could help. In no time, he and his son Doug were focused on a plan to fix what had been done incorrectly and they worked with us very closely to give us exactly what was needed in the first place. There were many hurdles for them to jump over to achieve this (large surface area of the patio, difficult drainage pattern of the existing layout with the pool, a slight bow to the pool wall etc.), but they took all of our requests in stride and worked really hard to make sure that we achieved our goal of having a functional and beautiful place for our family to enjoy the summer months. We also chose a pretty difficult pool coping paver to work with and asked them to match the mortar, which was no easy task and it is honestly a work of art now. Their masons worked 12+ hour days in the blazing heat and they never once seemed to tire no matter how hard the work was that day. It was actually really impressive to watch. They are artisans, not only land/hardscapers and it shows in the work they did for us. What honestly sets them apart, is that they are 100% invested in the final product and it shows in the results. Eddie and Doug came by often, checked in with us every step of the way and wanted it to be as perfect as we did. I can't tell you how stressed and frustrated I was having to redo such a complicated and expensive project, but they minimized my anxiety with their trustworthy, competent attention to detail and it was worth every extra penny. We wish these guys did all types of construction because we would use them for EVERYTHING if we could. We are now finally able to enjoy the backyard 2+ years after we started the original project. We owe them more gratitude than we can express in words.
Jose Moraes
Great work. Capable company that could get your yard looking as beautiful as you dreamed. All that with very good prices. Best I've used so far.
Larry Simmons
I have used Monteiro for landscaping projects on several occasions. Including one very big / heavy equipment project. I have had nothing but great experiences with them, and am very happy with the process and the results. I will continue to use them for new projects, from landscaping to pavers. One aspect I like is they will also just say no, if it is something they don't do or can't work on for a long time. I don't feel like I get the run around or played games with.
Tacyanne Santos
Amazing job. Hired the company to design a new patio for my backyard last fall. Doug was in charge of the job, very easy to work with and they gave me a great price as well. Highly recommend them.

Transform the exterior of your home today with a new landscape!

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Transform the exterior of your home today with a new landscape!

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We transform outdoor spaces into stunning environments, making the most of the natural beauty of their

Property Enhancement

Investing in hardscape and landscape can significantly increase the value of your property by creating an attractive and functional outdoor area.


We use high-quality materials and solid construction techniques to ensure that your hardscape and landscape will last for many years with low maintenance.


From creating outdoor entertainment areas to installing quiet relaxation spaces, our services offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and desires.

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At Monteiro and Sons, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure every project is completed to the customer’s satisfaction, offering a trustworthy and reliable service.

Serving Various Locations in Massachusetts

We are proud to serve various locations in Massachusetts, including Dover, Framingham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Newton Lower Falls, Sherborn, Sudbury, Wellesley, Wellesley Hills, Weston and surrounding towns