I had several contractors come look at the site and give an estimate. They all seemed competent and had good ratings from Angie’s list. Each had a choice of materials that could be used that more or less fit the bill, but not exactly. Douglas definitely stood apart from the others. Not only did he suggest a paving stone that was exactly what I wanted, but he suggested modifying the design of the space to make it fit in better with the setting. We ended up coming up with space with a curved corner rather than a straight corner (which is what I originally proposed, and the other contractors were going to provide). It looks great!! I was originally concerned that the parking space would detract from the appearance of the property but it actually enhances it. I have gotten nothing but positive comments from family, friends and neighbors. Douglas’s talent and training in design, his commitment to doing a good job and pleasing the customer, and his enthusiasm for his work make a difference!

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